The needs of the business drive everything in the organization. Every process, procedure, rule and regulation that is established supports a specific business need in some way. If it doesn’t, then why is it there?

Performance management begins with understanding the impact of performance on the organization’s business needs. Questions to ask include:
• What business needs drive performance?
• Are these needs being met with current levels of performance?
• If not, which needs are not being met?

Performance Partners can work with you at this beginning phase to help you determine how your business needs are, or aren’t, being met.

Performance Management Case Study – Business NeedsI received a call from the owner of three fast-food franchises requesting management training for the restaurant managers. The owner was frustrated because she wanted time to develop and grow the business but couldn’t because she was too busy managing the restaurant, which is what she was paying the managers to do. The managers were good at ensuring food quality but were lacking when it came to managing performance of the restaurant employees. So, the owner had to deal with those issues herself, which left little time for business development activities.

Business Need: Business growth and development

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