Once the desired performance is clearly understood, it’s time to measure the employee’s current performance against that standard. Here you’ll use the strategies you developed in the last phase of the process to measure the employee’s performance. You may choose to have the employee complete a self-evaluation using the same tool. Or, you might implement a 3600 evaluation where the employee is evaluated by a variety of individuals: supervisor, peers, direct reports, customers, etc. The same tool will be used by everyone to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples, not apples to oranges.

Performance Partners can guide you through the assessment process. Lynn can either be there as a resource or complete the assessments for you.

Performance Management Case Study – Current Performance

After developing the job descriptions, performance standards, assessment tool and team member handbook, the owner and I met with all the managers as a group to review the new job descriptions and explain how they would be rolled out to the rest of the team members.

We got their input on all the job descriptions and made some minor tweaks based on their feedback. When they expressed some apprehension about being able to meet the performance standards outlined in their job descriptions we assured them that they be given the time and the necessary resources to be successful.

The managers used the appraisal form to evaluate their own performance based on the newly written standards. This then was compared with the owner’s appraisal.

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