Customized Learning Solutions

If the gap analysis determines that training is necessary Performance Partners will develop customized learning solutions to ensure the employee has the right knowledge tools to be successful. Since we know adults learn and retain information better and faster if they’re involved in the learning, we design workshops with plenty of engaging activities to maximize interaction and self-discovery. We also know that adults want information they can put to use immediately, so we focus not just on the “what” but also on the “how”. Because staff development is a process, not an event, employees leave with a plan of action to incorporate their new knowledge into their daily work.

We’ll help you:

  • Decide what you want your employees to be able to do, think or feel differently.
  • Determine the ways they learn best.
  • Adapt current or develop new learning initiatives to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Develop the plan to determine the success of the learning.

Once the learning is developed you can have your trainers facilitate the program or we’ll do it for you.

Technical training? No problem. We’ll combine our expertise in how adults learn best with your subject matter expert’s technical knowledge and develop highly interactive, action based technical training.

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