Once the business needs are understood the next step is to identify the desired performance that will lead to achievement of those business needs. Questions to ask include:
• What does desired performance look like?
• Are performance standards written in clear, objective and measurable terms?
• Do employees know what’s expected?

Without a clear understanding of performance expectations, high levels of performance will occur only by accident or sheer luck.

This step of the process is also the time to determine how performance will be measured against the standard that has been set. Will you use a formal, commercially available inventory (e.g. Supervisory Skills Inventory, Leader Manager Profile) and/or a customized assessment form based on the job description and required performance standards?

Identifying desired performance is a critical step in the process. Let Performance Partners help you determine what success “looks like” in your organization. We’ll also help find or develop the tools to measure performance.

Performance Management Case Study – Desired Performance

Once the business needs were clear, I asked the owner about her expectations for the restaurant managers…what did she want the managers to do to demonstrate success? It was obvious very quickly that, while she had an idea of what she wanted, there were no clearly defined performance expectations. The restaurant had written guidelines for food preparation but that was it. There were no job descriptions, handbooks or other written guidelines to tell managers, or any other team member, for that matter, what was expected of them.
I worked with the owner to:
• develop job descriptions for all positions that clearly stated performance expectations
• develop specific, measurable performance standards
• develop a Team Member Handbook that outlined company policies and procedures
• develop performance measurement tools; in this case the owner decided against using a formal inventory or profile; instead we developed a simple appraisal form incorporating the tasks and standards listed in the job description


Click here to see the Manager Job Description.
Click here review a portion of the Team Member Handbook.
Click here to see the Manager Performance Appraisal form.

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