Evaluation is done based on the timeframe specified in the Performance Plan. During the evaluation you want to determine:

  • Did the plan help close the gap?
  • If not, why not?
  • What changes need to be made to the plan?

Remember, the goal of the plan is to narrow the performance gap. The gap, though, will never totally disappear as the performance bar will be raised over time. That’s not to say that desired performance is a moving target. The bar, though, move higher incrementally to ensure the success of the individual employee, as well as the organization, continues at a steady pace.

Performance Management Case Study – Evaluate the Results

In the months since we began working together, there have been a lot of positive changes:

  • Several team members decided they didn’t want to work in an environment where there were consequences for non-performance and chose to leave the restaurant. With them went many of the performance issues that plagued the restaurant.
  • Since implementing the recruitment and assessment plans, turnover has decreased by 50%. The owner attributes this to using a wider variety of recruitment strategies and by following the formal candidate assessment plan, which has led to better hiring decisions.
  • After the owner started phone screening all candidates, even for entry level positions, she dramatically decreased the time she spends hiring. No longer does she bring in every candidate for a 1:1 interview as many are screened out over the phone.
  • All 3 restaurants have supervisors who have moved much closer to the desired level of performance. I continue to provide 1:1 coaching for them on a regular basis.
  • Use of regular performance appraisals has increased the performance level of all employees. Managers and supervisors are much more comfortable providing feedback and following through with rewards and consequences.
  • One restaurant has a fully capable manager while a second restaurant has a manager who has made great strides in his ability to manage performance and is very close to meeting the desired performance. The owner is still managing the 3rd restaurant but she is optimistic that in a very short time she’ll find a great candidate to take her place.

The plan moving forward is to continue providing 1:1 management coaching and customized training as necessary.

Even though the owner is still managing one of the restaurants, managing only one instead of all three, has increased the time she has to develop and market the business, which, of course, was the whole point.

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