The strategies in the plan are now implemented. Depending on the strategy and the scope of implementation, you may choose to pilot the strategy with a smaller target group. For example, if you need to institute a procedure that will fundamentally change the way you do business, you may choose to test it first with a single department or division. Once you know the procedure is sound then institute it company-wide.

Some strategies need to be rolled out in a sequential order while others can be done concurrently. Before making any changes, think develop an implementation plan that outlines all the steps and deadline dates.

You may be able to implement some of the strategies on your own, but if you’re plate is a little full and you just don’t have the time to do it all yourself, think of Lynn as your extra pair of hands and let her make life a little easier for you.

Performance Management Case Study – Implement the Plan

With the amount of work that needed to be done, we had to be sure to take our time to ensure things happened in a logical order. But we didn’t want to take the time to do only one thing at a time, so we worked on several strategies concurrently:

  • We first developed the job descriptions, performance standards performance appraisal forms and the Team Member Handbook.
  • While we worked on that, I provided customized training for the owners on performance management, behavioral interviewing and giving effective feedback.
  • Once the job descriptions were done, we developed and implemented the Recruitment and Candidate Assessment Plans.
  • Only after all of this work was done, did we rollout the job descriptions, performance appraisals and Team Member Handbook to the managers and supervisors.
  • We met with the managers and supervisors to discuss the changes that were going to occur and then 1:1 with each of them to assess their current performance and write a personalized development plan.
  • Once the managers and supervisors felt comfortable with the direction we were going, we rolled out the job descriptions, appraisals and handbook to all employees. The owner and manager met with each employee individually to review the handbook, assess performance and write a development plan.
  • I provided customized training for managers and crew leaders on behavioral interviewing, performance management and providing effective feedback.
  • We developed training protocols for new employees.
  • Throughout the process I provided the owner, and later the managers and supervisors, with one-on-one management coaching.
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